Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Murmurs from the Front

It is interesting to me to see my book pop up in blogs and to track its progress. In May, 'Charlie' who is a member of Downtown Presbyterian Church in Greenville, South Carolina wrote a detailed review of my book.
Slade’s narratives are rich. . . The characters speak with their own voices, challenging us with their stories. Slade does not cast a script of heroes and villains, but rather of people united in overcoming their own inherited prejudices.
Superbly written and uncommonly perceptive, I highly recommend Open Friendship in a Closed Society. As a member of the Presbyterian Church in America, I was particularly interested in the central roles that First Presbyterian in Jackson and Reformed Theological Seminary played in the pages. Having one branch of my theological heritage analyzed was an uncomfortable but liberating experience. Since the situation in Mississippi is replayed in miniature all across the United States, most Americans will find themselves reflected somewhere in this work.
Meanwhile, in the same month J.R. Caines blogged about being prompted to preach on racial reconciliation after reading it.  From my googling I guess this is the same J.R. Caines who is a Presbyterian minister in Chattanooga, TN.

Outside of PCA circles, an organization in Texas called Friends of Justice picked up on Joe Reiff's article in Christian Century.

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